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Attention JV’s & Affiliates …Your Solid 5 Figure Promo Awaits!

Up to $341 Per Customer, $10,000+ Prizes, A Uniquely Proven, Wide Appeal Offer!

EIGHT “business in a box” software websites completely profit ready & automated in under 1 minute.  This is THE BIGGEST value packed product we’ve ever done!

Going Live 18th of Jan 10am ET/NY

Going Live 18th of Jan 10am ET/NY



Prelaunch Contest Starts: 15th Jan 00:00
Prelaunch Webinar: 18th Jan 9am ET
LIVE: 15th Jan 10am ET
Cart Closes: 30th Nov 11.59pm ET

What Is Minute Stock?

Minute Stock is a bundle of 8 software product sales funnels  complete with lead magnets, upsells, downsells & cross sells. Ready to send $9.97, $27, $47 + $67 sales in under 1 minute.

After the success of our Minute Kit launch we set out to make something even BIGGER and BETTER!



We love pushing the boundaries of our proven and established (2.5yrs old, 8,000+ user) platform – releasing unique website bundles that are truly done for you. Customers who’ve bought these in the past CAN’T WAIT for the next one – and are just waiting for you to email them that it’s ready…!



Minute Stock members will get EIGHT complete product funnels where each one:
[+] Gives away a bundle of valuable resources (royalty free audios, images, videos and more)
[+] Captures their email and offers them a no-brainer ‘tripwire’ upgrade at $9.97
[+] Then enters a perfectly tailored upsell/downsell funnel where member gets 100% of ALL sales



If subscriber doesn’t buy right away, we have a 30 day email sequence campaign that follows up with them, giving them extra gifts, training and gently encourages them to see the value of the paid upgrade causing many to purchase and enter the paid upgrade funnel.



PLUS: Members get access to the entire Minute Stock asset resource site too, to use for themselves!  

[+] Over 7 Million images, videos, logos, vector graphics and more. They’ll get unlimited use within their members area and can use this for their own personal use or sell, with the included commercial license


ALL eight businesses take less than a minute (for ALL) to set up, we give them 100% commissions for all products in all of the 8 software funnels – approved in our own account (no waiting for other vendors) usually within 12-24hrs. 

8 Software Products With Complete, Profit Loaded Sales Funnels Live In Less Than 1 Minute

8 Unique Complete Product Funnels

Each Instant Product Funnel Contains: 

Lead Magnet Gift & Landing Page

A tailored gift for each of their product funnels, they can give away bundles of audio tracks, or logos, royalty free videos & more

Delivery & Automated Emails

We'll automatically deliver their free gifts. You can connect your autoresponder to capture leads or simply let us manage it for you

InBuilt Sales Process

Your subscriber will see an offer to upgrade and unlock all assets ($9.97) or the entire Minute Stock suite of assets ($47.00)

Upsell & Downsell Funnel

They'll get a chance to upgrade for our advanced asset boost ($67) or unlock their own business version ($47). You'll get 100% of all sales.

Cross Sells & Segmentation

We'll give extra gifts to encourage your leads to join multiple lists, see multiple offers and segment them based on their interests

Unlimited Managed Email Promos

Our system automatically sends 30 days of engaging emails to sell your products, then we followup with hand tailored promotions FOR LIFE to your leads, always with your affiliate links in every email.

This Entire Collection Of Funnels Is Fully Branded & Profit Ready In Under 1 Minute

Watch Our Fast Start Demo Video Below


Prelaunch Contest Starts: 15th Jan 00:00
Prelaunch Webinar: 18th Jan 9am ET
LIVE: 15th Jan 10am ET
Cart Closes: 30th Nov 11.59pm ET


In A Launch Selling Complete Products With Beautifully Tailored DFY, High Converting Funnels … We’ve Saved The Best For YOU!

Minute Stock

Bundle Of 8 Software Product Funnels $26.47

50% Commissions


8 complete websites, sales pages, funnel, delivery, step-by-step training inbuilt traffic kit, followup upsell/cross sell sales sequences & more

[+] Personal & Commercial License To All 8 Websites
[+] Lead Magnet & Auto Cross-Sell System For All 8
[+] Video Training Modules For Setup & Sales

Minute Stock Advanced


50% Commissions

[+] 5 Million + searchable assets
[+] Advanced Training Series (Video) 
[+] Bonus: Solo Blast To My List
[+] Advanced Training Checklist
[+] 30 Day Fast Start Planner

Minute Stock Traffic

$127/m or $147

10% Commissions

[+] Managed paid traffic campaign to all 8 or your funnels to start a guaranteed flow of leads into your marketing funnels.


*NOTE: We’re managing paid traffic campaigns for our members and run this service at cost so commissions are low for this upsell.  Contact me if you have any questions!

Minute Stock Reseller


50% Commissions


[+] Minute Stock agency dashboard allowing members to sell & create Minute Stock accounts
[+] FunnelMates agency dashboard allowing members to sell & create FunnelMates accounts
[+] Two bonus sales funnels unlocked inside your FunnelMates account (one for Minute Stock, one for FunnelMates)

Minute Stock TTS


50% Commissions

Unlock our Text To Speech module for use with Minute Stock resources or can be used with anything else you are marketing online. 

Minute Kit Bundle Offer

Optional: Bundle Offer (Skip The OTO/Funnels)
Deeply Discounted At $197

50% Commissions

 [+] Minute Kit & Bonuses
[+] Minute Kit Advanced Training & Resource Kit
[+] Minute Kit Source Code & Bonuses
[+] Minute Kit Traffic Booster
[+] Minute Kit Resellers License

Total Funnel Value: $352

You Can Totally Cash In With Our $10,000+ In Prizes!


Each Phase Of This Contest Is Worth Thousands Of Dollars To You,
And You’ve Got Multiple Chances To win!

*Contest Policies: To be eligible to win one of the sales leaderboard prizes, you must have made commissions equal to or greater than the value of the prize. If this criteria is not met, then your prize money will equal your commissions.

*For the leads competition, you need to send 50 leads to qualify.

Teams of up to 2 people can be added before any of the contests begins.


Prelaunch Contest Starts: 15th Jan 00:00
Prelaunch Webinar: 18th Jan 9am ET
LIVE: 15th Jan 10am ET
Cart Closes: 30th Nov 11.59pm ET

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Get Onboard This Exciting Commission Magnet Of A Launch!

Got Questions?

Contact Us!

We’re here to help. If you have questions, need more information about the product, demos.. whatever… don’t hesitate to send me a message and I’ll help make this one of your most successful affiliate promotions to date!

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